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Significant experience

Mobile Home Communities and Self Storage exposure for your portfolio managed by a team with more than 200 years of collective experience.

Proven strategy

Our strategy is to acquire, enhance, and refinance assets over time in order to enjoy the beneficial combination of longer-termed asset ownership with the potential for periodic return of capital events.

Low leverage

The initial loan-to-cost ratio on an acquisition is generally around 50% and is expected to increase over time.


Both Mobile Home Communities and Self Storage asset classes have a demonstrated track record of Net Operating Income growth across many historical market cycles.

About the firm

Elevation Capital Group, and its affiliates, (“Elevation”) are  regarded as leaders in the alternative real estate investment space. Elevation focuses largely on niche property types such as Manufactured Housing Communities and Self-Storage. With over $500 Million dollars of combined acquisition value, Elevation has launched more than 8 investment vehicles comprising over 175 assets across more than 30 states.

Real assets

We focus on investing and/or developing real assets in the Manufactured Housing and Self Storage industries.

Historically cycle resilient

We focus on acquiring assets that we believe will remain viable regardless of economic environments.

Tax benefits

For MHCs, accelerated depreciation is allowed for “land improvements” (15 years versus 27.5 years for most residential real estate) and may result in the deferral of much of an investor’s tax burden.

Income growth

Markets are constantly changing. Our goal is to rapidly adjust to the marketplace to maximize the potential revenue over time.

Meet the Elevation team

Ryan Smith
Jamie Smith
Chad Rice
Chief Financial Officer
Mary Eubanks
Director of Investor Relations
Francis Higdon
Assistant Director of Investor Relations
Carter Fisher
Director of Operations
Hasnain Karim
Rene Morcos
Mitchel Scheiper
Associate of Investor Relations

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